Monday, July 18, 2011

Play Ball Layout

As I mentioned yesterday, we took all the Dads to a baseball game for Father's Day. With my in-laws recently moving to Illinois from Minnesota it was our first time getting all the grandparents together (a thing that will happen much ore often now!). The game was a lot of fun with fireworks and running bases after the game. My daughter enjoyed herself, but I think my husband was even more excited to be sharing one of his favorite sports with his little girl.

I started this layout with the letters. I was flipping through the booklets for the carts that come installed on the E2 and loved the circle cut letters on Cricut American Alphabet. I thought they would make great baseballs. I  cut the letters at 1.25 inch and drew the red stitches on while the letters were still on the mat.

After playing around for quite sometime I landed in this page filling layout with my photos. I just really wanted to use as many pictures as possible and this seemed to do the right thing. I decided to use my computer to print out the journal entry for the page. I do not do this all the time because it is important (I think) to show your handwriting on your pages, but when you have a lot to say or want it to be in a different font it is a great way to add to your page (and many computer inks are now memory quality for long lasting, no fade prints).

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Tomorrow is my 1 year anniversary as a blogger. I am super excited to reflect on this fun year. As always your comments are welcomed!!


  1. WHat a cool idea!! I just got the E2 and was looking for ideas with the fonts. I would have never thought of baseballs! Awesomeness!

  2. Love the layout! Looks like everyone had fun that day, and you had a blast creating the pages. Happy Anniversary!

  3. I really like the title but I LOVE how many photos you got in this one layout!


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