Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Super State Wall Display

The band at the middle school I work  at has been selected to attend Super State this year. Each year about 12 schools from the whole state are selected to attend so this is a big deal for the whole group. I wanted to make sure they knew we were proud of them and the best way  I can do that is by putting up a display in our main hallway.
To make this display I...
- Used Lovely Floral to cut the banner piece on my 12x24 mat
- Cut the instruments and music symbols out using Quarter Note
- Cut the letters for the banner using Copperplate Gothic Font on my Silhouette machine.

I hope the band has a great trip this week to celebrate their success and that everyone else is having a wonderful week. We are in the last month of school and time is really flying for us teachers (and students too!)


  1. Congrats on the success of the band...good luck as you travel to competition! I hope your school knows how fortunate they are to have you! I love all your wallscapes! Great work!

  2. How exciting!! Loving what you did for them to celebrate their accomplishment!!!

  3. Awesome display- how proud they all must be, and I bet this made them feel even prouder!


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