Saturday, February 26, 2011

Couldn't BEE Happier card (with video)

I recently go some amazing news from my sister. That news is not totally out in the whole world yet so I will not say what it is...BUT I am guessing you can guess if you think about it.

I am super excited about this upcoming event and wanted to make a card to send to her as a little celebration.  My favorite cartridge right now is Create A Critter so I went looking for some inspiration and decided to make a card using the adorable bee cut.  When I sat down to create I wasn't sure how I wanted the card to look so I looked at the cartridge booklet for some more ideas. When I saw the beehive cut I got my idea. Over at Jitterbuggin' Challenge this week the challenge is to make a shape card. I have not made very many shape cards and when I have made them it was from precut cards on the cartridges, like my first Hello Kitty Card. Rather than use one of these precut shape cards, I decided to play with the good old Gypsy and see what I  could do. 

I made the card base using the newly discovered way to get rid of lines from within a cut. That way I would have a solid card without any other lines in it. The Hide/Contour button on the advanced screen of your Gypsy allows you to select lines to hide or show when you make your cut. This feature is not in the user manuel online and I did not know what it did until today when I pushed it just to see. I am guessing most Gypsy users know about this button, but I did not and I maybe newer Gypsy owners do not know what it does either. So, I have made a little video (a first for me) so you can see what this awesome button does. Please be (or should I say Bee?) kind as it is my very first video!

I cut the beehive overlay with the doorway 2 times, once in yellow and once in pink so I could cut the yellow heart off the top and have a pink one instead! I added my handwritten words in the little doorway! I hope you like my card and video. Happy Saturday to all.


  1. Great card! Thanks for sharing

    I just wanted to let you know I posted an award for you on my blog.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Very nice card and thank you for the easy to learn video lesson!

  3. Beautiful card! Aren't shape cards fun? I love to make them and I love create a critter too... I think it is my favorite cartridge just because it is so cute.
    Thanks for visiting my blog!


  4. Your card is super cute! Your voice comes across very nicely in the video - you're lucky! :) Mine gets a little too high for my liking...

  5. such an adorable card! I think my fav. cartridge is creat-a-critter also, the images are too darn cute =) Thanks for sharing the video, very useful.
    I am now your newest Follower!


  6. Wonderful did a great job creating it!!

    Thanks for Jitterbuggin'!

  7. I love your beehive card! It's adorable! And thank you for the video .. You made it look so easy and explained it very well! Hugs, kimberly


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