Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine Hearts

How fun is this time of year?  I love Valentine's day, which is funny because my husband and I do not celebrate it as a couple. I think of this time more for kids than loving and romantic couples, which is most likely why I found myself cutting hundreds of hearts last night to bring to my daughter's class to help decorate the white gift bags that I bought for all the kids.

Every year I try and donate some type of project for the kids to do in her class and this year I decided bags to hold the Valentines would be best.  I bought a bunch of plain white gift bags at Hobby Lobby. I loaded up  on stickers (half price this week at Hobby Lobby!!!) and foam stick-ons.  I bought 3 new stamps (also half price at Hobby Lobby) that her teachers will give back to me when they are done using them and decided to cut out lots of hearts with the Expression. 

My daughter was very interested in helping so for the first time I let her press the buttons on the machine and pick which designs we would cut.  It was a lot of fun and now I have my daughter's first Cricut moments on film (big surprise there!!) Hopefully I will be able to get some photos of her classes final projects.

Some of the leftover paper from
the hearts we cut (about 500)
These hearts are from Spring Holiday Cards.
These are cut at 4 inches (1 inch was super small!)

NOTE: We cut hearts from Designer's Calendar (a cart I have been using a lot this month!), Love Struck 2010, Spring Holiday Cards and Doodlecharms.

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