Thursday, February 24, 2011

Life Before Cricut, Part 4

Many of us got our start in scrapbooking because of a Creative Memories scrapbook party.  We saw what we could create and were hooked.  We bought many many many items from the consultant (to help our friends earn free product or because we felt we had to when we attended the party) and set a goal to get started. I really think without CM I would not be scrapbooking today. I love Creative Memories still today, but have not really bought anything in a long time.  What I really liked about their products was that everything coordinated so you did not have to look around for color matches when creating pages and they had precut shapes that you could put on your pages.  They also had very clear goals: Make it as simple or as decorative as you want but get it done.  I have a feeling many of us have some pages very similar to the ones I am posting here!!  I love this layout because it was so simple to put together and I  got to use my favorite tool: Corner Rounder!!  That is one I will never get rid of even if it is a part of my Life Before Cricut!

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