Saturday, February 19, 2011

Monkey Birthday

I have become totally obsessed with the Create A Critter cartridge lately.  I did not even own this cart until a few days ago, but this past month it seems like everywhere I looked people were using this cart to make such adorable, wonderful creations.  I had to have it so off to eBay I went and it arrived on Wednesday. I did not even open it right away like I had planned because by the time I arrived home on Wednesday I was ready to get in bed and be dead to the world. A cold took over and I was out of work for two days (when I left on Wed. one of my students told me to go home, get in bed and not come back until I felt better). 

Walk In My Garden (card), Create A Critter (Monday & vine),
Birthday Bash (all wording)
I had all these ideas but, I was stuck in bed and was not totally sure what I needed to get done. Lucky  for me..I felt better last night and we have a close friend with a son turning 2 this week.  The party is this afternoon and when I asked his father what his favorite animal was he said, monkey!!! I had seen a card on Scrappinnavywife and wanted to try it myself. She used an envelope cut on Walk In My Garden to make the actual card. I thought that was a perfect idea.  Now I have a fun card for Logan's birthday and I used my new cartridge!! 

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  1. Very fun card! Love that green ribbon! I have a ribbon obsession! Thanks for visiting my blog today! I'm following your blog now!


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