Thursday, February 17, 2011

Life Before Cricut, Part 3 - The Thursday Book

Creative Memories 7x7 album cover

I think this project is my favorite project of all times and it was completed without an Expression, Gypsy, Imagine, Cuttlebug...well you get the point.  I can picture what it would look like if I had all those tools back when I did this, but the amount of love would be the same.

Back before I was even married to my husband I was in a scrapbook store and overheard a women, full of excitement about a project she had just completed. She called it her "Monday Book". I could not help but ask her about it because she was so excited. What she showed me stuck with me and a few years later (yes years) I got to make my very own version.
First pages of the "Thursday Book"

The "Thursday Book" has a page for each of the first Thursdays in my daughter's life, starting with the day she was born. The women in the store year's before explained to me that her own mother had told her to take as many photos of her daughter as possible because as a baby they just change so much so quickly. The women decided that she would make sure she did just that and came up with the plan to take at least one a week the first year. 

My book follows this same idea.  My daughter, Sophie,was born on a Thursday in May.  I took many pictures of her (a lot more than just on Thursdays) every week and I put them in this great Creative Memories album that was a hostess gift when I was a consultant. I only missed 1 Thursday.  It was the week of Christmas and we had been on the road between Chicago and Minnesota on Thursday...BUT  I look at this miss as very lucky because I got pictures every other day that week and with people who love my daughter greatly.

I tried to get pictures of her with all the important people in her life and show things that would be considered "firsts" for her life. They really do change so fast that first year.  My daughter is now 4 years old (wait 4 1/2..she would be very angry if I said just 4) and she always asks me to look at the book with her and I must say the same things every time we look at it because she will often tell me those stores as well look at the pages together. 
The week I missed Thursday, but got so much more!

I am guessing you can tell why this is one of my favorite projects ever.  I look at it and know that it will always be special for me and my daughter and it is the best representation of my scrapbooking Life Before Cricut.


  1. What a wonderful idea! I have two friends pregnant right now. I think I will pass this on to them.

  2. This is an awesome idea! What a great momento of her first year!!

  3. Love this idea. My first grandbaby was born in December (on a Saturday) and I've taken her picture every Saturday since then. I wanted to make a week by week album, but love the idea of a Saturday book. It sounds so cute (and special). Thanks for sharing.


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