Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Little More Then 30 to go...

Back in August, right at the start of this blog, someone posted a challenge about using all their cartridges. Basically they said they wanted to make sure they were using all their cartridges as a way of justifying buying more.  I thought about this myself and decided to keep track of how I use my carts. I do this in a notebook and have my own little system for keeping track. I also have a list of all my cartridges on this blog and when I use one (for whatever reason large or small) I change the color of the name to green.

I was just looking at my list..which I will admit has grown greatly since August (at least 20 new ones..okay 30 if you count Imagine which I do) and I am pretty happy to say that I have a little more than 30 left (out of a total 100) to use before I have used them all at least once since August. I know that I have used many of them many times before I started this challenge and some have been used more than others since I started, but I think I have justified my spending!!  I hope to have used them all at least once before August rolls around and a year is up. I am still totally up for the challenge. Wish me luck.

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