Saturday, February 12, 2011

Imagine More Mini-Book: Set-up

I have been wanting to explore more and get used to using my Imagine. I have had it since the HSN launch and done very  little with it. At the same time I recently got a deep cut blade and wanted to try making a mini-book with it.  I decided that I would combine the two things and create a project. My goal was to use almost exclusively Imagine cuts (with the exception of the actually book as the Imagine does not cut chipboard).

Last night the first thing I cut was the book.  I do not know where this chipboard came from, as my father owned his own print shop for most of my life and he had this stack left over from something, but it cut really well when I used a sticky mat. At they said to use Depth: 6, Speed: 3, Pressure: 4, and Multi-cut: 4.  I did this the first run and it was too much. In the end, I used only 3 Multi-cuts, but the inside circles only took 2.  The square and circles were both cut using George and Basic Shapes.

Once I had successfully cut 5 pages for the book I decided to use the Imagine More cartridge for the whole project. I spent the rest of my night cutting out shapes and paper to use on the project. I love love love (LOVE!!!) the update on the Imagine that asks if you want to print a full sheet of paper. I choose to turn the overspray option off because my paper still gets totally covered and I only have to wash the edges of my mat. I have been pleased that washing the mat has not made the stickiness go away. 

Cuts and patterns are all from the Imagine
More Cartridge

Today I plan on cutting the large sheets of paper on my Expression to fit the chipboard and than I will put the book together. I have a stack of pictures that I printed and did not end up using in layouts that I am going to use for this mini-album. I hope you will check back tomorrow to see my final results.

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