Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Life Before Cricut, Part 1

I was looking through a scrapbook with a lot of holes where layouts should be and I realized just how behind I actually am in my scrap booking.  The pages in this book already were all completed before I owned a Cricut machine of any kind.  You might think that made me start scrapping hardcore all day long, but instead it gave me another idea...

What was life like before I had my Cricut machine?  I thought about how I used to cut every letter out by hand or use letter stickers for every layout I did.  I also know that I used a lot of very simple shapes or pre-cut ones to make my pages look more unique.  I never used ribbon or glitter or stamps. I used a lot of stickers and wrote almost everything by hand.  I worked as a Creative Memories consultant for about a year so a lot of my pages show what I learned from them and the supplies I had. 

I decided that I was going to take you with me on my travel back in time and show you a few of my favorite pages: Life Before Cricut!!  Enjoy and please share your comments about your favorite projects before you had a Cricut machine.

This page was created only a few months before I got my very first Cricut Expression as a birthday gift. I found the snowflake die cut paper at Archivers and even though I seem to recall it was almost $2 a sheet I bought it to use in my scrapbook (at the time I can honestly admit I had no clue what I would use if for!). We went "sledding" when we were up in Minnesota visiting my husband's family. My mother-in-law had gone out looking for a sled and they were all sold out at the local stores, so she tied a piece of rope to a Rubbermaid bin and everyone took turns pulling my daughter up and down the road in front of their house. I actually made two pages with this paper, but one is mostly journaling.  Notice I used letter stickers for a small title and as a starter for more journaling.  It really did turn out nice and for a long time the layout was one of my most favorites.

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