Thursday, February 10, 2011

Life Before Cricut, Part 2

For the second part of my my Life Before Cricut posts I picked a page that was super simple and fun BUT, showed me how I used to cut out all my letters by hand.  The letters I used for this were in a stencil package and it included stencils for both the main part and shadow of a letter.  I am sure this took me a long time to do, but could not tell you how long.  Oh when I think of the time I have saved cutting out titles using Design Studio, my Gypsy and Expression....well I am guessing I would not be as far behind as I am with my scrap booking.   

Back before I had a daughter I had cats. My husband worked for New Balance and they donated a lot of the old shoe boxes to the humane society for their cages. We went down to check it out when we decided we wanted a cat and ended up with two; Bonk (who ran all over and into everything right away) and Pixie (the little sweetie).

You can see I loved my corner rounder even back than (I was working as a Creative Memories consultant than). I think this might have been the only time I used these letter stencils because they took me so long to cut everything out.  I also seem to recall it was one of the first times I tried cutting patterned paper with a solid background for a page.

I think the letters look pretty good considering I cut them out by hand. Ah, Life Before Cricut.  Hope you come back to see my next post of these old but fun pages.   

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  1. I remember cutting things out by hand and all the time it took, it was crazy! :) TFs and have a great day. :)

    p.s. Thanks for stopping by my blog. and yes I did use Comic Sans for my font. it seems to be my go to font when I print sentiment out on my computer. :)


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