Saturday, April 16, 2011

Twin Baby Banner

Two of my co-workers are expecting babies at the end of the school year so we are doing some fun baby showers at work to help them get ready for the big event. I wanted to make banners to put up as part of the celebrations. Matt, my co-worker, and his wife are expecting twin girls very soon so I wanted a cute banner that had something to do with the number 2 or stayed within the twins theme. I had a hard time trying to be cute, but not cheesy. I ended up with "Twice the Love!"
The banner in full. Not the best picture, but wanted to show the whole banner.
(The Monkey bag I made is on the table!)
I spent a lot of time on this banner and it is one of my most favorite projects EVER!!  I planned ahead for this one and even made a test square before I went out looking for just the right paper to use on this project.
Every cut on this banner is from Kate's ABC's a cart I am now in love with. I used Baby Girl Font 1 for each letter because I love the scalloped edges. I cut the letters at one size than used empty squares in two larger sizes or the backing squares. The largest is about 5 inches in width. The polka dot print lead perfectly to the polka dot embossing on the top layer. When I had gotten the whole banner put together with ribbon I actually glue the ribbon in place on the back of each square to help secure the ribbon and have less worries about the ribbon holes breaking.

Next came the flowers. I have admired people who make these flowers and curl them up to add dimension and I thought to myself, "I can do that." I did it. I made some simple flowers using a flower from Kate's ABC's. I cut the bottom layer twice and one inner pink layer and than selected some leaves to cut as well. I curled up the edges after gluing all the layers together and added fun sparkle gems in the center of each. I stuck these on with glue dots to add even more pop.


  1. Love the banner! I have to figure out something for my daughter's birthday party that is coming up...I love the scallop edges :)

  2. Beautiful banner. I love your flowers!! I'm one of those people who can't make my own paper flowers, so I love seeing the ones made from carts. You did an awesome job, thanks for sharing!!

  3. OH! How pretty! The flowers are awesome -- don't you just LOVE the whole paper flower craze!! I bet they loved it! I am really wanting Kate's ABCs even more now!

  4. Your banner is beyond beautiful and the flowers are so pretty!


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