Monday, March 7, 2011

Challenge Tracker Notebook

This year one of my scrapping goals is to enter more of the fun challenges I see posted on blogs. I have already gotten my feet wet in several and they are so much fun. I think what I really like about the challenges is the ideas and inspiration I get from the challenge itself and all the projects that people create for them. I have also found many many more blogs to visit.
Lacy Labels, Cursive 101 & Jubliee used.
Striped paper is from K& Company Super Paper Pad
I am not an organized person in most ways, but I make lists and keep track of things. I keep track of what cartridges I use in a notebook I made and I decided I would make another little notebook to keep track of the challenges. I usually write down the ones I think I want to do on a post-it note in my craft area including where I found it, what it is and the deadline for entries. In the notebook I am doing all of that and writing down what I actually create for the challenge as well. Maybe I will be a random winner sometime this year and can put a star next to the challenge to show that!

From Michael's dollar bins
I bought these 5x5 notebooks at Michael's. They were in the dollar bin so I picked up several not sure what I would do with them. They are a heavier cardboard, which is nice, and the pages are lined.

I had covered the whole book with paper in the beginning, but it did not lay flat the right way so I stripped it off and in the process stripped the original cover off revealing a fuzzy white background that I really liked.  I put the striped paper on it in the middle (front and back) and than created the center. I used Lacy Labels for the white cloud-like shape, Cursive 101 for "Challenge" and Jubilee for "Tracker". I hand wrote 2011! Please leave me your thoughts on my fun little book. I hope to fill it well this year.


  1. Great idea! I need one of these.


  2. Great Idea!!! I have trouble finding the time to find challenges. Can't wait to see all your entries!!

  3. Great idea!! I'm going to have to try this.


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