Thursday, March 24, 2011

My First Cricut Project

When I started my blog posts on Life Before Cricut, I could not remember the first project I made with my Cricut. I finally remembered that it was the birthday party invitations for my 30th birthday. I got my Cricut machine as a present for this birthday, but as soon as I knew it was what I wanted I asked to get it so I could use it for the invites. This cake is from Stretch Your Imagination and I printed everything else out on my computer. I remember thinking I was never going to get good at the simple layers and now I look back and wish I could go back in time and tell myself everything I know about the Cricut as these invites would be so much better!!

The birthday was amazing and it really was all about the cake. I loved the show Ace of Cakes and all the cake challenges on Food Network. I asked for a cake like that for my party. My husband totally delivered. He had a cake made that was shaped like a stack of books: all my favorite titles and colors were used. I had a hard time cutting into the thing because it was so pretty. It was made by Good Gracious Cakes.  You can see my cake and a lot of the baker, Michelle's other amazing pieces on her site. 
Book was opened to pages 29 and 30, The titles were my favorite books and the
butterflies represent those would could not be with me at the party


  1. LOVE our first ever cricut creations! lol. The cake is amazing!

  2. WOW. Lucky you! That cake is amazing! What a thoughtful husband you have. He really pays attention to what you like. And belated Happy Birthday to you!


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