Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Glass Treats

Last year I decided I had seen the Cricut Expression infomercial enough times and what I really wanted to try was etching glass. I searched for the right materials and made about 10 baking dishes as holiday gifts for friends and family. I also made glasses and a few doggie treat jars. I should have saved photos of them all, but of course I did not. Well, I decided to do some more etching and this time I took those photos. I took photos at all my steps to make sure I could share  it here with you as well, but I am so starting with the final products:
The font is Hello Kitty
The words are cut with Jubilee
 The first step with glass is making sure you have the right material. Pyrex CANNOT be etched (I admit I have never tried, but that is because everywhere I researched said do not to as it will shatter in the oven or worse). I have found many other glass bake wares that work just fine. As far as other glass items it seems that most work just fine. I tend to buy things on the cheaper side in case I break them while etching or do not like the result and want to try again.

You can buy these brushes in bulk at most craft stores.
I throw mine away after I etch everything.
I use vinyl and glass etching cream to do my etching. The first thing I do is create my design on my Gypsy. I triple measure the product I am etching so I do not need to cut twice. When you are ready to cut you need to set you blade up the right way based on the instructions included with your vinyl. If you follow the instructions the bade will cut the vinyl only and not the paper backing.

After you cut the vinyl place it on your glass piece and smooth out all the edges. If you have bubble on the edges the etching cream will seep in and leave marks. When ready use a sponge brush and coat your design area with etching cream. The directions say to use a heavy coat and brush up and down, left and right all over the design. Once coated you let the project sit for five minutes. WARNING: the cream is very smelly and powerful, so keep use gloves and open windows to help air everything out.

Wash off the cream in a sink and use an old scrub brush to get all the cream off. Take the vinyl off and dry and you have your fun designs. This kind of thing makes wonderful gifts and you can personalize all sorts of things! Enjoy!


  1. ooooo.... this could be my next distraction! Love it! That is the first time I have seen a little photo tutorial on it. Thanks!

  2. you did a great job! thanks for the tip on pyrex. I etch all the time and I didn't know that!
    liz :o)


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