Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Student Projects using our Expression

My school was won of the lucky winners of a Cricut Expression machine this fall. (A giveaway I hear the circle is planning on doing again). It was a slow go getting people started using the machine, but once I had taught a few it went smoothly.
A few teachers have asked me to cut things for them and others have cut things and put them up around there rooms.  One teacher even caught the bug and just ordered her very own Expression. She is so excited that it will arrive before we are off for Spring Break next week.My students have picked up the act now and in my Social Studies class one student asked if I could cut them fun letters using that machine I am always talking about with them. I said sure and of course all the other groups started asking as well. I brought my Gypsy into school and they told me what they were looking for (some were very very specific) and I let them see what I could do and we created lettering for there posters.
I just had to share how some of the posters turned out because they were some of the best ones this year as many of my students do not take time to plan and they use random or hard to read colors without thinking of the overall look. Something about these "special letters" as one kid called them made the projects look even better. The projects were ll about the Roaring 20's and The Great Depression time period.

The Ku Klux Klan poster was made with Cricut Clasic Font, The Great Depression are letters from Storybook. We used DonJuan puzzle pieces for the Toys & Games poster, Stamped for the Al Capone project and Cindy Loo lettering for Henry Ford. All in al we had about 20 projects with Cricut cuts on them as my coworker doing the same project cut some letters as well.

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