Friday, March 18, 2011

Coloring Pages

"cut" with Cricut markers and Disney Happily Ever After
 My daughter love to color and she loves her Disney I decided I would make her some large coloring sheets using my Cricut Markers. I give these sheets to her when I know I will not be home at night before she goes to bed. I tell  her I will kiss her artwork instead of waking her up when I get home (mostly because it takes forever for her to go back to sleep).  That way the kiss will find her in her dreams.

This is the first one I gave her a few days go when I had parent teacher conferences and couldn't be home for tuck in time.  I think she is becoming quiet the artist.

Again, you just put the Cricut Markers in the blade house and follow the pressure and speed settings listed right on the marker. I have a set of these markers (brown and black) to give away when I reach 75 followers! So check back soon because I am getting close!!

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