Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Alice in Wonderland Albums, Part 1 (and my first giveaway)

Many of my co-workers think I am a little bit crazy.They are sooooo right on the money, but that is another story. They know how much I love working with the school play every year and they are all super supportive in any way they can be. The crazy comes in when they see me creating mini photo albums for the cast each play year. I usually have a cast of about 30 students so this is a large project for me.

This is only the second time I am undertaking this task; the first was 2 years ago for the play we performed and I wrote! Back than I wanted to do something really special as a way of thanking the cast for making my words and story come to life,but many of the students in that show are back up on stage for Alice in Wonderland and they have all casually mentioned how wonderful the books were and asked would I be doing them again. I keep saying I do not think I will, BUT...I broke down and got the albums to make once again. Now I am in the beginning stages of creating 40 (YES 40 this year) mini photo albums for my cast members.

I am in the early stages of this task, but here is what  have gotten started with:

1. I bought the albums at Walmart ($1 a piece). They are 4x6 albums that hold 36 photos.

2. I have been taking photos like crazy!! I develop the photos for these albums at Ritzpix Photo and here is why: 6 cents. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays Ritz does a special on 3x5 prints. You can order them online and pick them up in the store by the end of the day. The 3x5 allows me to have room for decorating and making the albums a little more special than just sticking the photos in the slots (a reason they think I am crazy!)
3. I used my Cricut Color markers and "cut" out the title of the show using the Disney Classics cartridge. I used the hide contour button on my Gypsy (recently discovered and in love with..see my video here) to get rid of the flower part and than went ahead. I will actually not be using these on the covers because I wanted to use the student created artwork instead, but they will find a home.

4. I "cut", once again using the Cricut Color markers, each students' name out for the back cover. I do this at the start to help me sort the photos faster. I just slide the photos for that student right in the book to use later. I used the Alphalicious cartridge to do this.

5. The last thing I have done so far is collect stickers. I use a lot of stickers for these albums as page enhancements. The pages are pretty small so a simply sticker makes the whole page look amazing.  I have mostly been collecting a sheet of Alice in Wonderland glitter stickers. I basically buy out my two local Hobby Lobby stores everytime stickers go half price. I think I have 10 sheets now and am all set.

As I get more done I will share with you all,  but I think I mentioned that I am offering my first giveaway. I have a set of the Cricut Color markers (black and brown) I used on these books to giveaway. First I have to make it to 75 followers and than I will post another Alice in Wonderland mini album blog and those who leave comments will be entered at random to win. I have been hoping to get to 100 for my first giveaway, but I got these markers from my Mom who did not know I already had several sets of them and she picked the number 75!!    

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