Thursday, March 10, 2011

Life Before Cricut, Part 6

I have had so much fun talking about my Life Before Cricut. Looking back at some of the pages I made before I worked with the Expression has been great and inspired me to do some new things! I have been enjoying my scrapping so much in the last few weeks and this renewed passion has shown in the layouts I have accomplished.

This process has also confirmed what I was pretty sure I already knew...I love FONTS!! I use my Expression to make most of the titles on my pages now.  I still use stickers and sometimes I hand write them, but Cricut Cartridges with fonts on them are my favorites because it gives my pages more variety. I also download fonts to my computer to use with digital scrapbooking and other projects.  My favorite place to get them is at (button on the side of my blog). They have so many fun fonts to use on your blog and in projects! They even create fonts using people's handwriting so please go check the site out.

Traced from a scrap set I bought but I did not like the colors.
Before I had the power to cut out my fonts the way I wanted I did a lot of tracing. I would tape the design I wanted up to my window with white scrap paper over it. I would stand at the window and trace the design I wanted on my page. It was not the most comfortable process, but I was able to make cool designs the colors I wanted and often was able to make new words using the letters I was tracing in a different order.  Looking back I have a feeling i might do this again in the future to get certain looks I want. I guess that goes to show you how Life Before Cricut follows you.

Traced from a bumper sticker I bought at the faire.

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