Friday, March 25, 2011

"Say What" Mini notebook

I always keep a notebook in my purse to write down everything I need to from grocery lists to phone numbers. I also like to write down the things that inspire me so that I can look back at them later. Now that I have discovered the joys of covering notebooks I thought I would make myself a little pocket notebook to record the fun quotes and statements I see.

I bought these tiny composition notebooks at Target. They are 3x5, but have the great binding I love on the larger ones. It is great for putting ribbion on. They come in a 2 package set for 99 cents.

I used a piece of paper I had in my scrap bin (it has one tiny corner torn out). I liked that it was a basic black and gray print. I cut the quote bubble form Create A Critter and the lettering from the Feeling Groovy Lite cartridge. At first I wasn't sure what to put on the front, but I decided "Say What" made sense as a lot of the quotes I right down are from my daughter and I still cannot believe what comes out of her mouth.

This weekend will mark my 100th post on my blog. I am very excited that I have kept this going so strong.I really enjoy sharing my projects with you and look forward to many more posts.


  1. Great job on the notebook and congrats on the postings.

  2. I soooo need one of those. Just wrote on my blog that it was ironic I made a post about being forgetful, the whole point of Jacob doing push ups was getting ready for your house! It is clear I need to make one of these notebooks to remember! This is direct link to non flashy blinkie: - if you want a flashy blinkie:


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