Sunday, March 27, 2011

Snow White Gift Bag

I decided to face my fears and make something using a Disney cartridge. I have been avoiding cutting any of the figures for too long and I needed to just try it.  I want to make a set of Alice in Wonderland characters to hang up on a wall display at my school for the play, but I first had to conquer my fear of the characters.

One of my daughter's friends had her birthday this weekend and the party was Princess themed. Each little girl was to come dressed as her favorite princess. The family happens to be traveling to Disney World very soon so we got her a gift card to the parks (FYI these are awesome if you are travelng to Disney because you can use them almost everywhere..even for parking). I wanted the gift to be more fun than just opening a card so I made her a fun princess bag.

I knew I would not be successful with this Snow White character unless I cut her rather large. I think I have conquered the fear and will hopefully be able to make the Alice characters now!

By the way, the bag was a big hit with a few other mothers who asked what other characters I could make!  I see more bags in my future.


Inspiration & Smiles from you are so welcomed.