Saturday, March 12, 2011

Football For Heart Banner

I mentioned in my post last night that I had a lot of projects to work on this weekend and the major one is for an important event coming up at the school where I work. We will be participating in The American Heart Associations, Football For Heart program for the first time this year. The program is very similar to Hoops For Heart and Jump Rope For Heart, but is only in its second year and is cosponsored by the Chicago Bears. My students will be raising money and spend an afternoon involved in football related activity stations.  

I made 2 of the banners you see above to hang in the two different buildings on my school campus. The event is not until the end of April, but we have parent-teacher conferences on Monday and the coordinators of the event were hoping to have the banners up for parents to see.

Each banner is the size of my dining room table and it took me most of the day to measure, cut, layer, glue and color everything. I have to admit it was more work than I thought it would be to create such large letters and put everything together, but the results are good and I am sure they will look great hanging in the school.

I used my Gypsy to create the white part of the "C" that is used as one of the Bear's logos. I used an O from Printing 101, and a heart, oval and rectangle from George and Basic Shapes to create this. I was not able to figure out a way to make the whole shape grow and shrink the way I wanted for layers so I hand cut the back blue layer and choose to color the orange inner layer. My husband is secretly happy I created this because it is half of the Minnesota Twins logo as well and that is his favorite baseball team (having been born in the Twin Cities).

The letters were all cut using Plantin Schoolbook. I used the basic letters and shadows for the blue and orange cuts and Tall Ball letters for American Heart Association. The football is from Sports Mania and after looking at a zillion heart cuts I picked one from Create A Critter and enlarged it greatly. I want to thank my new ATG gun for doing the hard sticking work (my trigger finger is killing me!)

Please let me know what you think and if you want more information about Football For Heart or wish to help my school raise funds please let me know and I can send you an email that leads you to a safe donation site starting in April.


  1. This is fantastic and such a great cause! Good Luck!


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