Friday, March 4, 2011

The Sims Notebook

When I first started teaching and got a new computer it came with the game The Sims.  My students told me it was fun so I started playing the game.  NOW, 11 years later I love love it. I have moved forward to The Sims 2 and even tried Sims 3, but I like Sims 2 the best and still find time to play it often. I had some computer troubles and had not played in awhile, but when I got my new computer with much more RAM on back it went and I am a happy Sims player once again. I am a total nerd about it because I keep track of my Sims in a notebook.  Now I have combined two of my favorite things: The Sims and my Cricut.  I made this notebook cover using the font on Designer's Calendar - which I tweaked using my Gypsy and a diamond cut  from Cricut Classic Font.  I hand cut the blue backing layer.
Sims 2 Logo on Box!


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  1. I love the Sims too! I love the Sims2 too!!!! lol. And when the hubby and I play we share a house and we keep track of our finances in a note book... Oh so funny and slightly too addicted... P.S. Answering your question: how do you get a hot scrap assistant like mine??? Stay tuned to my blog and you very well could! lol. Thanks for visiting me! x


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