Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Cheerleader Thank You (Group Date)

Now that Jacob is down to only 12 girls the competition is getting strong. feeling are becoming very very real. Jacob needs support just like I needed support last week for cheer-leading tryouts. We had 2 people come and help us with the judging this year. Jacob insisted that his next group date be all about helping me make some thank you cards.
7 ladies were selected to go on this crafting date. To start out with Jacob reminded all the girls about the different tools we would be using. He told them about the project and was pleasantly surprised that Barbi D. remembered a cheerleader image on the Cricut Decals cartridge that came pre-loaded on my E2.
The cut out the fun cheerleader and shadow image and after embossing some polka dots onto red paper put the card together. It was Snow's idea to add the little red bling (remembering all about the I rock and the heat) and Barbi M. thought of the ribbon.
With all this attention to crafting Jacob had a hard time selecting someone to get the rose, but in the, end he was overwhelmed with Barbi D's memory of cart images. They went off for a little and she asked him to dance..she so got that rose.
Stay tuned for the rest of Jacob's dates this round. Chloe has told me I can keep Jacob longer than 2 weeks so I will not be rushing through anything this week..You can't hurry love. Hope you check back for some more crafting fun on Thursday when "No Cricut Thursday" returns!


  1. Super cute card! Love the ribbon and the embossed background. :) Thanks for sharing!

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  2. You are hilarious, how can anyone top this.....

  3. Darling card and am enjoying Jacob's journey to love:) LOL

  4. Cute cheer card!

  5. I love that they craft together. Too, too funny.

  6. Well, I just love the cheerleader card and Snow's idea of adding the red bling in her bows! Nice touch. But what is up with Barbi D and that poofy dress? Guess it matches her poofy hair! Love your new blog look, L.B--Pat N.

  7. Wow, Jacob sure is moving fast!! I'm glad he can stay with you longer than 2 weeks so he can get to know the "girls" better!!!

    Amy E.

  8. Wonderful card! Look forward to seeing the next "episode" of dates!!!

  9. Way to go Barbie D! Cute card! Hope tryouts went well. I just had tryouts for dance team, with three judges who came to help me so I feel your "pain"! :)


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