Saturday, June 4, 2011

At the Park

The weather is finally sunny and bright and there is no rain in the forecast yeah!!  I am super excited to get outside later today with my family. My husband is mowing right now and I am finishing up a gift scrapbook for coworker and dear friend who is retiring Monday! Then we all plan on heading over to the park after lunch for some playtime.
The park by our house is a short walk and we love going there...especially when we have a nice day and visitors from Minnesota to share it with. This page is one I made a few weeks back, but the photos are from last spring when my in-laws were visiting. I picked this paper because of the outfit my daughter was wearing with the same colors.

My favorite thing about this page is that I reminded myself that I can use cuts from carts in different ways than I thought I would just by taking a part off of them using my Gypsy (if possible with the Hide contours button) or a snip of the scissors. I was looking for just the right words and found them all on Life is a Beach. The problem with the words I picked was they all has fish or other sea creatures attached to them and that was not really what I was going for. I just cut them off and added them to the pages.
I especially like the fact that the polka dot paper served as the dots to my "i" cuts because i hate gluing really small pieces so I lined it up just right to avoid that.

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. I have seen some amazing blog hops to take part in and hope to get to go through all of them if I have time not scrapping or playing. But if you want to check them out stop at the first stops here: (I am not part of any of these hops but I saw some great stuff and wanted to pass it on to you.)  (The Bug Bites Grillin' and Chillin')  (All About Dad's hop) (CTO Pool Party Hop)


  1. Love the bright and cheery colors:-)

  2. So cute and I love the colors ... great job!!

    Jo xx

  3. I have linked your blog to my blog as I am enjoying it very much. I recieved the Stylish Blogger Award from someone you awarded it to. You are well deserving of the award. Congrats!

  4. Wonderful layout and I am stealing your dot for the letters idea!

  5. Awesome LO... I love the embossing. It adds so much to the page!


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